Why us?

Why would you conduct market research with us?
Compared to big research companies – our prices are significantly lower. Despite that – we have same data quality, as we work with same field providers, and we can provide deeper analysis and flexible approach, instead of standardised methodologies.
Unlike most small companies, we can provide highest data quality, as we work with fieldwork providers used by biggest companies. And in terms of analysis – we have great experience in leading market research companies.
Why we provide good analytics?
Many companies, which provide analytic services, consists mostly of IT-specialists, engineers etc. Unlike them – we are researching people, their behaviour.
No doubt, that all our analysis is based on statistic and mathematic models… However what we conduct is not technical analysis, but economic analysis. As the result you will get nod just some technical data, but particular recommendations applicable to your business, some instruments to control your sales and so on.
Out team consists of specialists of different profile: marketing, sociology, mathematics, economics, programming and computer science. And everybody has great experience in major research companies, mostly associated with analysis and processing huge data arrays.