Database analysis

We can provide you with analysis of your own base on any issue. These are examples of situation, where our service would be of a good use:
- You’ve already purchased or conducted market research. Now you have database of different answers, but you don’t know what you should do with it. Or you think that agency you worked with provided you poor analysis and there might be more useful information in your data. In both cases we could help you.
- You are working for retailer or manufacturer. You also have a database of sales, purchases and so on. But you don’t use it other than for accounting and records. Why not to try something else? We can provide you with analysis, which that can reveal such useful information as seasonality, interesting relativeness between goods, correlations of sales with something else etc.. We also can provide you with basic financial analysis on sales and purchases, define most important channels and goods’ categories and so on.
- You have your own online-shop. And you have great lots of different statistics on visits, purchases and so on. Such database can be analysed, and we can help you here. You will be surprised on lots of useful information that can be found there! From connection between sales to seasonality, factors which influence on purchase (e.g. delivery cost) and so on.
- You have an internet portal – it could be game, forum, community, news etc.. And your users leave a lot of different information, and you probably keep it. But didn’t you think of how useful could this information be? Using information on your users you can develop new strategies to keep users, to attract new, and even to provoke them do actions you need on you website.
- You just have a website or a blog – it could be useful to dig into you statics too! You can know what attract you visitors, what posts, pages, comments etc. lead to more visits or vice versa. You could also find out what makes your users comment on your posts, what just leads to silent reading (sometimes – also very important) and lots of other information.
This is just a short list of examples, where database analysis could be really useful. If you have any type of database, there almost certainly could be found a lot of useful and interesting information. And we would be really happy to dig you with it!