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Product tests: what affects taste perception

If you fly quite often you might have noticed that one of the most popular beverages served on board is tomato juice. Have you ever wondered why it happens?
Flavor chemist from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Stuttgart, Germany) Andrea Burdack-Freitag conducted a research for Lufthansa airlines and revealed the cause of this phenomenon.
To find out the reasons of intense consumption of tomato juice during the flight and see what other inferior factors can affect taste perception of the product read the full version of the note .

The impact of assortment size on product purchase intention

As a rule it’s good to offer the consumer a wide choice, therefore wide assortment of the brand is often considered to be its advantage. Still the increase of the assortment doesn’t necessarily lead to the growth of consumer satisfaction or purchase intention.
The research conducted by Dartmouth College (Hannover, New Hampshire, USA) has shown how the increase of the choice negatively affects purchase intention of the product. At the same time the number of choices had no influence on product evaluation.

Another research conducted by Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands) describes the potential scheme which might explain this phenomenon. How does it happen and what conclusions can we make? Read the full version of the note here .

Wording importance
Respondents were asked:
1) To what extend are you happy in whole?
2) How many dates have you had the last month?
There was no correlation between answers on these questions.
Then the researchers just changed the order of questions, asking about dates first… Correlations grew up to 0.66!
Sometimes, wording is as important as question itself.
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