Marketing research

We conduct market research and sociological studies of almost any difficulty:
- Tests of advertisement, websites, concepts, various information materials;
- Surveys on different topics. You can get share of people who follow various lifestyle, opinion etc. Both in general or regarding some events, products and so on;
- Segmentation of your clients or any other group of people by any topic or criteria;
- Evaluation of factors’ influence on purchase intent for you product, on advertising efficiency etc.;
- And lots more!
Sources of information for surveys:
- Your clients. Such source allows you to get information about what do your clients do, think or expect of you. This might be enough for most of common issues you face.
Advantages of this source are: Low price, if you collect the data from your clients yourself (e-mail, web-sites or staff), as data collection is the most expensive part for most of surveys.
Disadvantages: Questioning only your customers you will understand those who choose your company. But you will miss those, who choose your competitors, what is very important in many cases. And other problem is – when you ask your customers yourself, your presence can influence on the answers, making in some cases the results less clear.
- Online panels. Ordering data from online panel helps getting those who are not your customers. For example, it is needed when you need the view of overall market situation or for barriers study.
Advantages: More issues can be solved via panel; anonymity; better represents the whole market.
Disadvantages: High price.
- Other sources. We prefer online panels as main source, as according to our experience – in online surveys data quality is much higher. But based on you needs and objectives we can discuss other options too, such as face-to-face interviews, CATI, extraordinary experiments and so on.
Market research allows you to solve almost any issue, where the leading roles are thoughts, actions and wishes of your current and potential customers.